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Automate Campus Resume Reviews


AI bridging the gap between students and employers

Hiring for high volume intern and graduate roles is an imperfect process. Recruiters do their best. But with so many applications, resume skimming, unconscious bias, keyword manipulation!

The truth is: too many strong candidates are overlooked. 

That's where automation comes in. 

  • Consistent assessment of applicants
  • Removes risk of recruiter bias
  • Increases hiring diversity
  • No resume. No keywords. No Boolean search

Assessing thousands of applicants in seconds! 

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Free Trial!

GradSift’s algorithm equals the performance of an experienced campus recruiter. Except it’s done in seconds.

Take up our free trial. With a 100% success rate, we analyze 10 to 20 candidate resumes and you’ll see how effective and efficient GradSift is.

No need to add to your tech stack, we integrate seamlessly. An easy ROI. 


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