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Discover top student talent hidden in your recruitment system

Hiring for high volume intern and graduate roles is an imperfect process. Recruiters do their best.

But with so many applications, resume skimming, unconscious bias, keyword manipulation and boolean search limits, the truth is too many strong candidates are overlooked.




An easy-to-use student shortlisting platform using AI to instantly identify your strongest applicants regardless of school.

Screened and ranked for academic background, work experiences, extra-curriculars, interpersonal skills and job fit.




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You can put Gradsift to the test with 20 of your candidate resumes analyzed for you. Our 100% success rate means you can trust that Gradsift will perform just as well as your own assessments. 

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Advertising a new entry-level position? Use GradSift to automatically screen and rank applicants without opening a resume.

  • Save time, effort and costs
  • Make quality hires
  • Simple and fast to use for students and employers
  • Cloud based. Just login and go


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 "Saved hours of time in our recruitment processes resulting in saving time and money"

"GradSift has definitely increased efficiency and productivity in our entry level talent recruitment"

"The platform is extremely easy to use"


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