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Too much time spent reviewing resumes?

Can an algorithm come up with the same results as an experienced campus recruiter?


It's time to find out. Employers from consulting, technology, engineering, legal, government and many more sectors have found that GradSift’s algorithm does exactly what their recruiters do.

Except processing thousands of applicants in just seconds.


Can a technology solution assess the quality of student applicants?

It’s a big ask and way more than applying filters. Yet, they all found GradSift accurately assesses quality by replicating the process of an experienced recruiter.



Just as a recruiter interprets:

• academic background and performance
• career and non-career related work experiences
• extra-curricular activities and personal achievements
• key behavioral skills including leadership and initiative
• relative fit to the role and the company.


Will it work for our organization?

That was the question asked by a global consulting firm. Their answer was YES. They took a sample of their applicants and compared how GradSift ranked them relative to their own assessment.

It was convincing.


It’s simple and free to see how GradSift ranks your applicants. 

Contact us to find out how.

Contact GradSiftContact GradSift



See how other companies have already streamlined their student resume review process, while maintaining the integrity and validity of their assessment.

You can learn more by downloading the GradSift product sheet. Or watch a short video.





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