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Replace manual college resume reviews. Screen and rank your student applications in seconds using the GradSift platform.

Works with your ATS. No document upload. 


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How GradSift Replicates a Manual Resume Review

Receive student applications into your ATS (as normal)

Email your applicants to go to the GradSift platform to complete a profile

  • Takes 10 minutes
  • Drop down selections for academic background, work experiences and extra-curricular activities

You login to GradSift to create selection criteria for different roles (job requisitions)

Now the GradSift algorithm does its work

Filters and scores students for the selection criteria   

But also scores students for achievements and indicators of behavioral skills across their full background

  • Internship experience or student club committee member? Great.
  • Team leader job in a supermarket or active volunteer for a community organization? Also great because they indicate leadership, initiative and interpersonal skills.

Now you get a sense of what GradSift does! It assesses a resume the same way an experienced campus recruiter would. But screening thousands in seconds.

With the ranked results available you decide who to shortlist for interview stage.



Can you influence the GradSift algorithm? Yes, based on the criteria and preferences you set. 

There's even the option to include a 60 seconds video from students to judge their communication skills and genuine interest in your organization. Hiring managers especially like this.

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GradSift works with your ATS

Finalize your shortlists for each role (job requisition) then upload into your ATS.



Employers who confirm GradSift's ranked results match their own assessment. 



"GradSift delivered more diversity through each stage of our recruitment stages including hires"


It makes it easy to receive and evaluate applications from any school. Screen blind, remove bias. 

"Each application was evaluated objectively and without bias"

"GradSift has definitely increased efficiency and productivity in our entry level talent recruitment"



Request a demo. Ask to see if GradSift will work for your organization. Or simply ask for more information.

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