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GradSift - Fairer for Students

GradSift is a fairer and efficient way for employers to assess graduate and student resumes.

Most employers want to broaden diversity and open up student applications from any college. That can mean thousands and thousands of applications. But employer recruiting teams don't have the resources to review so many resumes. That's why traditionally they focused on smaller numbers from core and target schools.

It's efficient but employers know they're missing out on great candidates and diversity suffers. For many students that's unfair.

But GradSift is here with good news for students and employers.

GradSift uses ai that replicates manual screening of graduate & entry-level resumes. It gives recruiters the capacity to objectively review thousand of resumes in seconds. That means they have the resources to consider students from any school.

Unlike other ai options, GradSift is purpose-built for college and graduate recruitment. It assesses student background across multiple attributes. That includes academic performance, work experiences (including non-career roles), extra-curricular achievements, the relevance of your background to the employer and much more.


How Does it Work for Students?

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