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Graduate/Student FAQ

I received an employer request to complete a GradSift profile. What does it mean and how does it work?

GradSift is purpose-built for college recruitment, using ai to replicate a manual resume review. Employers use GradSift as an objective and fair way to screen and shortlist graduate and student applications.  

Just like a resume review GradSift looks at academic performance and indicators of achievement and interpersonal skills, assessed through a range of work experiences and extra-curricular activities.

Because GradSift can assess thousands of applicants in seconds it increases the capacity of employers to consider students from any school. That's a plus for diversity and fairer for all students.


How do I create a GradSift profile?

Firstly, you should have an employer email with an invitation to complete a GradSift profile. That will include the employer's unique ID code and the closing date to finalize your profile. Register on GradSift. Enter the employer ID code and then create your profile. Data is mostly from drop-down fields, so no document uploads.

Creating a profile is easy and should take no more than 10 minutes all up. You can change and edit at any time.


What if I can't complete my GradSift profile by the employer's closing date?

The employer will be unable to include you in their shortlisting process and most likely you will be advised your application was unsuccessful.


I have a second employer asking me to complete a GradSift profile.

No problem. Log back in to GradSift and under My Programs simply add the new employer program code. You can edit your profile, if you like. But if nothing has changed, you don't need to. That's it.


An employer has requested I add a video. What do I need to do?

The video is an opportunity for an employer to make sure you're genuinely interested in a potential career with them. We recommend introducing yourself, saying what you've studied, one or two key achievements (briefly) and why you're interested in a career with the employer. Keep it to around 60 seconds.

You record the video yourself, upload it to YouTube and then include the YouTube URL link (saved as Unlisted for privacy) in GradSift. (Only people with the Unlisted link can view the video).

In GradSift the video is assigned to a specific employer. That means only that employer can see the video. If you have multiple employers in GradSift, you can record a unique video for each employer (if requested). 


Will my GradSift score be the same for all employers?

No. GradSift assesses your background differently for each employer.  Your ranking will depend on what an employer is looking for, the relevance of your background to the employer and the backgrounds of the other applicants. If an employer asks you to the next stage of their assessment process, it indicates you are a potential "strong fit" with the employer.  


Can I find out my GradSift score from GradSift?

No. It's up to the employer to decide if they want to share that.

But remember, your GradSift score is a ranking relative to the other applicants to that graduate/intern program. And it will differ for each employer program you apply to. 


Can I change, edit or delete my GradSift profile?

Yes.  You can do that at anytime. 


How do I find out how I went with GradSift?

After the closing date, the employer will use GradSift to determine their shortlist. The employer will communicate with you directly to let you know if you've been successful or unsuccessful. 


What about data privacy?

You control who sees your data. Only the employer(s) you're linked to can see your details. For full details check our Privacy Policy.


Other questions?

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