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Open up applications from any school



 Select your own filters including schools, disciplines, grades, job function and much more.


GradSift instantly interprets applicant data from academic background, work experiences and extra-curriculars to assess achievements, behavioral skills and relevance of candidate experiences, to then provide a ranking of applicants. 

Easily screen across core and target schools, HBCU, non-listed and top international schools.

That’s thousands of applicants screened and ranked in seconds.

As an option, recorded video enables you to assess communication skills and career interests of top ranked applicants.

Now, you’re ready to move to interview stage.





A balanced and more diverse shortlist


Screen blind to remove potential bias.

Assess on neutral data without applicant resume upload.

"Each application was evaluated objectively and without bias"

Bring greater diversity through at each stage.

Widen your reach to assess applicants from any school.

"GradSift delivered more diversity through each of our recruitment stages including hires"



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 Case studies

Goal: Use innovative solutions to virtually replicate manual screening of high-volume entry-level applications 

Goal: Save time and money managing early-careers applications while improving hiring diversity   

Goal: Expand socio-economic diversity by proactively considering candidates from unlisted and lower-tier schools


Simplified early-careers selection

Designed and purpose-built for college and graduate assessment.


Use GradSift to easily assess applicants across multiple criteria for a balanced and compliant assessment.


That's better for employers and fairer for students.


Identify the top applicants from core and target schools, HBCU and unlisted schools, even leading international schools.

Flexible to support unlimited programs and roles.

Instantly screen and shortlist by applicant preferred role, function or location.

Search applicants by current or past employer.

Option to watch video of the best applicants, giving you back days of your time.  



"We screened candidates based on the personal attributes and experiences we value. That was a much better outcome than using a single cognitive ability test"


"I would highly recommend GradSift for large volume entry-level recruitment" 


"The platform is extremely easy to use"


"The system overall is great value for money"


"GradSift has definitely increased efficiency and productivity in our entry level talent recruitment"






Made easy for students





Quick and efficient

Around 10 minutes for a student to create a GradSift profile.

No resume upload. Just select from drop-down data.

More than one employer request? Simply add the new employer ID. Students can always edit their details. 


Fairer for students

GradSift gives employers the capacity to assess applicants from any school. 





Increase recruiter productivity 

100% of GradSift clients recommend GradSift to other employers for high volume entry-level programs


Really easy to use with no set-up required. Just login and go.

Full personalized support to ensure user success.

Applies to interns and placements as well as MBAs, graduate and entry-level positions.

Use GradSift to shortlist for company presentations and events.





"Saved hours of time in our recruitment processes resulting in saving time and money"


"By far the best support and customer service I’ve received from a provider"


"Significantly cheaper per candidate than cognitive testing"


"Recorded video for candidates has made this product even more valuable"


"Likely to recommend?  To everyone and anyone. It’s a lifesaver!"


Take entry-level selection to the next level


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